India’s Golden Triangle Tour – An Introduction

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Golden triangle circuit covering historically significant cities, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi is one of the most popular travel circuits of North India. In North India, it is one of the good tour options as it takes you through wonderful art and incredible architecture. During this tour, you visit some of the most prominent places that hold prominent place in the glorious history of India like Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Taj Mahal in Agra and Red Fort in Delhi.

This imperial and fascinating Golden triangle tour of India initiates with the visit to the capital city of India – Delhi, then heads to Agra and finally to Jaipur. However, if you wish, we can extend this tour to include some more nearby tourist destinations like Varanasi, Sariska, Ranthambhore, Bhatratpur etc. The three basic destinations of this trip are renowned in all over the world as it offers some golden and unforgettable memories that you will cherish for your entire life. The most wonderful aspects of these destinations are incredible art and architecture. The best features of this tour which make it even more popular are it’s a budget tour and does not needs a lot of time.


The starting point of this tour is New Delhi which attracts visitors for attractions like Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Qutab Minar, India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Parliament House, President’s house, Lodhi Gardens and recently built Akshardham Temple.

Agra, perched at the bank of Yamuna River is famous for Taj Mahal. This amazing piece representing architectural brilliance was built by Mughal ruler Shah Jahan in the momeory of his wife Mumtaj Mahal. Some other attractions in this city include Chini Ka Rauza, Rambagh, Dayal Bagh, Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri, Itmad-Ud-Daullah and the vibrant bazaars.

The last destination of this tour is the Pink city of India, Jaipur.  Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and one of the wonderful cities in the state representing the Rajasthani culture and cuisine at its best. You can witness the royal architectural wonders in this city that will leave you amazed. Some of the most prominent are Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort,  Jaigarh Fort, Birla Temple,  Jal Mahal Palace, City Palace, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar etc. The best part of being in Jaipur is the Rajasthani cuisine.

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Indeed, this tour comprising of three prominent cities of North India is an amazing tour for those who want to explore the rich history, astounding art and marvelous architecture associated with past of India.

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Single Women Travel Tips

The number of women traveling around the world is increasing in recent days widely. Though there are many technologies and latest safety equipment’s have come to protect women, there is still a threat for women traveling alone in any part of the world.  The safety for women is still a question, though the nations have enhanced with their security guards and laws.


It becomes the personal responsibility for every woman to keep her protected especially while she is travelling alone. At the same time woman must also never compromise with the enjoyment and happiness that she experiences while travelling, be it for any purposes. The number of professional women around the world is increasing tremendously. Women are now making the miracles in all professions. This in turn brings them the completion at some circumstances to travel alone, regardless of the travelling within the city limit or traveling abroad.  If you are travelling single and trying to prepare yourself for a safe travel, then here are some tips for you.

Young woman with backpack taking photo of a great landscape

If you have decided to travel single, then the first thing you need to do is, to inform your closer people about your travel and keep them well-informed about where you are going, when will you be back and the purpose you are travelling. The next thing you must ensure to do is, to explore and gain some knowledge about the place you are going to visit. No  matter you  are visiting the destination for official purpose, personal work or on vacation, it is very important to learn some basic information about the place such as, the cities situated in and around, language spoken,  the culture followed by the people and their lifestyle. Such information could help you prepared to handle any situations easily and move around peacefully and secured.


Further, you must be prepared for tackling any unfavorable situation caused due to any situations. You can use the latest devices such as android smart phones, GPRS and other such gadgets which will be helpful for you to explore and do anything that you want it without taking the assistance from others. You must ensure that if you have enough money and if you are carrying enough clothes and other essential items.   Avoid talking with the strangers too  much and at the same time avoid giving  more information about yourself to some  whom you know there or just got introduced, unless you knew the person for many years and he or she is the reliable personality. 

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Most Glamorous Festivals of Kerala

Kerala, gifted by nature, is one of the notable destinations in South India. Millions of people visit Kerala every year for tourism and to especially to take part in the festival events.  Similar to have been gifted by nature, the state is also enlightened with many glamorous festivals which make the entire state glorious and filled with happiness and rejoice.


To say, most of the tourists from across the world will plan their trip in particularly during the festival season, in order to take part in it and experience the best moments on their vacation.

Here are some of the most notable glamorous festivals celebrated in Kerala, throughout the year.

Thiruvathira festival, the most famous festival celebrated in Kerala during December and January. Women are the main participants and they visit Lord Shiva temple majorly. During this festival, Thiruvathirkkali dance is mainly performed and that gathers more people together.  Onam is an other major festival celebrated in Kerala. This is the most popular festival, which is also known as a harvest festival that goes for 10 days right from Attam to Thiruvonam.  This festival is celebrated to welcome the spirit of Sacred King Mahabali. People in their home will light all bright lights and will decorate their homes beautifully with flowers, paints, carpets and more. This is also considered to be the biggest shopping festival.


Makaravillakku is another popular festival that is celebrated in January. This festival is celebrated in Sabarimala which is located in Pathanamthitta. Devotees of Lord Ayyappa from all over the country and from foreign countries visit here to take part in the festival. During this festival, many cultural events and programs are organized widely. Pongal, the most popular festival celebrated in South India has been celebrated widely in Kerala for 10 days. This festival is celebrated in Trivandrum at, AttukalBhagavathy Temple. Women are the major participants in any events held during this festival.


ThrissurPoornam festival is most popularly celebrated in Kerala. This festival is celebrated during the months of April and May. This festival will be a great retreat for the people taking part in it. This festival will end with glorious and bright fireworks becoming a treat to everyone’s eyes on the sky. Some of the other types of festivals celebrated in  Kerala are, Kerala village fair,  AluvaSivarathri festival,  Navaratri festival,  Nishagandhi dance and music festival and many other festivals which makes the people  living in Kerala  always filled with happiness, joy, health and prosperity.

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Ways to Get Familiar with a Place You’re Visiting

Visiting to a new place is something that all love to do. Especially, travelers love moving around the world hunting for new places that has something great for them to explore and experience. In this large world, the places of attractions are never limited; therefore, regardless of your choice of type of landscape and weather condition you choose, you always have some places to welcome you around the world.

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However, be it a destination within your state, nation or be it an international destination, there are certain things you must be familiar with about the place you have chosen to visit. It is always recommendable to become aware of the place you are going to visit on your holidays or no matter the purpose you are visiting. It is imperative to learn some basic information about the place, culture, people, and geography and more about is essential.  Such information will help you to easily move around the city and explore much better, than visiting without known anything about it. Unlike the past days, today you have ample resources to know about a place in just few minutes. The wide usage of internet all around the world, is now serving as the best source to know any information that you are looking for about a city or nation.  The popular search engines,  like Google maps is another effective source to learn the routes, to know the places of interests, location of recreational centers and many such  useful information for you.


without getting lost anywhere or being misguided by some people due to various reasons such as language and communication differences. You can also become familiar about a place by asking your friends or known people who had already visited there. By sharing their experiences, you can know many things that will be useful for you to travel safe and enjoying the culture and geography of the destination.  Another best source that you can use to become familiar with a place is by hiring a travel guide. The guide will be very familiar with the place you are visiting and much information such as, places of attractions, hotels and many more. Moreover, the travel guide will also know various languages; therefore he will communicate with you in your known language which helps you understand the place much better.

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How to Have a Great Time with Your Kids on Your Holidays

It is always an awaited moment for the school vacations to come for every kid. The most obvious thing that every kid would love to do is to tour somewhere out on their holidays. Though there are many things to do and entertain for them at home or within the home town, they would also prefer an option for moving to some holiday destination. However, to keep your kids entertained and spend their holidays in great ways, here are some tips:

Golden Triangle Tour India

You can plan to organize some interesting games for your kids and also make their friends to join. Gathering kids of same age groups and making them to get involved in an event will not only entertain them, but will also have a great gala time which becomes memorable for them. The most important thing that every parent must consider is, to make them involved and spend good time with their kids. Unless until parents bother to take part in any of the games or events conducted to entertain kids, it would become a great thing; because most of the kids would love their parents also join them and make the time more joyful.

family holidays

If you are planning for something that could become fruitful,  such that, it not only makes your kids have great during their vacation, but also help them in improving their mental ability and  skills, then, consider about helping them play some intelligent games indoor or outdoor such as Chess, carom, cricket and more.  There are also other things like getting your kids trained with cleaning their own room, clothes and cupboards, which will in fact help them in improving their responsibilities. Gardening is a wonderful thing that you can encourage your kids to do. This will increase their creative mind and also ability to think wisely.

Golden Triangle Tour India

Sharing your wonderful time with your kids matters much than simply getting them engaged with some activities. You must try to understand their interest and what would they like to do during their holidays. Every holiday can make some changes in them, not only in their behaviors, thinking ability and getting together with their friends in the neighboring houses and nearby, but also improve their skills in moving with the society and learning good manners. Therefore, it is the parents’ responsibility to help their kids get in the right way and learn new things with joy and entertainment during their holiday.

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Hire the Best Travel Agent to Plan You Vacations Wisely!

If you have your holidays coming ahead shortly, then the next thing everyone would obviously start thinking is about the vacation.  Though, when the time comes plan about where to go, how to go and where to stay, everything becomes daunting and challenging.

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They can give you many suggestions, ideas and help you choose the destinations too. Besides, if you are planning for a travel with your family or friends, they can help you to choose the place which suit well for you to enjoy much better and make it a memorable one in your life.  Besides helping you in choosing the place to visit and spend your vacation happily, they will also make all arrangements for you, such as accommodation, flight tickets, local transportation and travel guide.

If you have decided to hire the travel agent to help you plan your vacation wisely, then the first thing you need to do is to identify the reliable and the best travel agent. There are many travel agents available across the world.

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No matter whichever is your targeted destination, they can help you to visit those places without any difficulties, as they have networks functioning all around the world. You can find the travel agents easily online. The increased use of the internet across the world, have created a wonderful opportunity to source your requirements easily. In this array, you can easily select a travel agent by comparing the services provided by one and the other.

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Moreover, you can also compare the packages offered by different travel agents and the places they would take you on your vacation. You must try to find the agent who will also offer you discount packages especially during holiday seasons or off seasons to spend your vacation with your family and friends.  Thus, making use of such discount packages could also save you money and also help you to enjoy the most wonderful vacation in your life.

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