Most Glamorous Festivals of Kerala

Kerala, gifted by nature, is one of the notable destinations in South India. Millions of people visit Kerala every year for tourism and to especially to take part in the festival events.  Similar to have been gifted by nature, the state is also enlightened with many glamorous festivals which make the entire state glorious and filled with happiness and rejoice.


To say, most of the tourists from across the world will plan their trip in particularly during the festival season, in order to take part in it and experience the best moments on their vacation.

Here are some of the most notable glamorous festivals celebrated in Kerala, throughout the year.

Thiruvathira festival, the most famous festival celebrated in Kerala during December and January. Women are the main participants and they visit Lord Shiva temple majorly. During this festival, Thiruvathirkkali dance is mainly performed and that gathers more people together.  Onam is an other major festival celebrated in Kerala. This is the most popular festival, which is also known as a harvest festival that goes for 10 days right from Attam to Thiruvonam.  This festival is celebrated to welcome the spirit of Sacred King Mahabali. People in their home will light all bright lights and will decorate their homes beautifully with flowers, paints, carpets and more. This is also considered to be the biggest shopping festival.


Makaravillakku is another popular festival that is celebrated in January. This festival is celebrated in Sabarimala which is located in Pathanamthitta. Devotees of Lord Ayyappa from all over the country and from foreign countries visit here to take part in the festival. During this festival, many cultural events and programs are organized widely. Pongal, the most popular festival celebrated in South India has been celebrated widely in Kerala for 10 days. This festival is celebrated in Trivandrum at, AttukalBhagavathy Temple. Women are the major participants in any events held during this festival.


ThrissurPoornam festival is most popularly celebrated in Kerala. This festival is celebrated during the months of April and May. This festival will be a great retreat for the people taking part in it. This festival will end with glorious and bright fireworks becoming a treat to everyone’s eyes on the sky. Some of the other types of festivals celebrated in  Kerala are, Kerala village fair,  AluvaSivarathri festival,  Navaratri festival,  Nishagandhi dance and music festival and many other festivals which makes the people  living in Kerala  always filled with happiness, joy, health and prosperity.

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