Kerala – Traveler’s Paradise in God’s Own Country

The coconut groves, the scattered hills, rolling mountains, dazzling beaches and the diverse cultural activities along with the mouthwatering indigenous food cooked with the region’s own spices make Kerala one of the best places to travel in India. The famed backwaters are where 38 rivers flow down from the Western Ghats forming canals, lagoons and lakes creating more than 900 km of crisscrossed, interconnected waterways.


These backwaters of Kerala are unique to the region and are nowhere to be found in the rest of India. These are the waterways, which lead the rivers to the Arabian Sea. A houseboat trip on the backwaters is a unique experience, as it is the only one of its kind you would find in the entire world. You get to see the fresh green beauty of this natural paradise and experience village life of the Kerala interiors as you float along the waterways.

Rare species of marine life inhabit the backwaters of Kerala marking the ecosystem to be of international importance. Birds like kingfishers and terns inhabit these places along with crabs, frogs and mudskippers.

Among beaches in Kerala, Kovalam takes the prize as the most serene as well as dazzling beaches. The Light House beach and the Hawah beach are the two beaches you would want to visit for a boat ride or a relaxing sun tan.

For travellers who are looking to go on trekking adventures in Kerala, Wayanad provides lush green mountains and stretched out plains. The forests lined with coconut trees, the old Jain temples and the wildlife sanctuaries are where you would find your absolution.

A visit to Kerala would be incomplete if you have not experience the rich cultural performances of the Koodiyattom, Koothu and Kathakali dancers. These dance forms stem from the indigenous tribal art forms of Kerala, and are a visual treat of kaleidoscopic colors and vivacious dance moves. The language, literature and art forms of Kerala are very different from the rest of India because of the geographical detachment of the region from the rest of India.

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You can also watch a show of the Kalarippayat, which is an indigenous martial art form, and which has given birth to other forms of martial art like karate and kung fu.

If watching some wild life is on your cards, head straight to Periyar. The Periyar Tiger Reserve provides an amiable environment for elephants, the Indian bison, deer, monkeys, leopards, and the famed Royal Bengal Tiger. So even if you have missed the Sunderbans in West Bengal, you can spot a Royal Bengal cat in Kerala.

And after all this, if you are too tired and in need for some peaceful relaxation, head towards an Ayurvedic massage center where your tired muscles will be soothed under the expert hands of indigenous masseurs.

It would be absolutely sinful to conclude without including Munnarin the list of many paradises of Kerala. The color you see when you look around is green, the topography is made of rolling hills and undulating plains, the air crisp, with a nip in it, and the view breathtaking. And much of India’s tea plantation is located in this serene sleepy town. But if you think in all of Kerala this is where you can hang your hat, you need to think again. Munnar provides for some really exciting adventure activities like paragliding and rock climbing on the Anamudi peak. This peak is the highest peak in South India, standing tall at 2,695 meters.

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